To join OVF&G, you must meet an Officer at the club so you can fill out the membership papers and receive a tour, if desired. This can usually be done on a Wednesday when we shoot skeet and trap from 4pm to 9pm OR on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month when we are shooting Sporting Clays from 8am to 2pm.

After doing the paperwork, you will need to attend the next club monthly meeting which is the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7pm. At the meeting the rest of the Officers and any other members present will get to meet you and vote on your membership in the club. Assuming all goes well and your membership is approved, which it usually is, you will be given your membership card at the meeting and welcomed to the club.

The cost to join the club is $35 for 2021, plus a $10 initiation fee. You will also need to be an NRA member to join the club. You will need to bring an NRA card or the mailing label from the NRA magazine as proof. We can do the paperwork to sign you up for the NRA if you need it at a reduced rate of $30.

Renewal Form

If you let your previous membership at the OVF&G lapse for more than a year you will need to pay the initiation fee of $10. Membership dues paid after Good Friday will not be prorated.

Members not current for the previous will be dropped at the beginning of the next year and will otherwise need to prove prior membership in the club by providing a membership card from a prior year. Our records prior to 2015 are not accurate and can no longer be used to verify your information.

Next year’s dues are payable any time after October. If you did not get a notice, your email address is invalid or not on file. In order to save money, the club is sending digital newsletters and renewal notices.

Although dues increased recently, we are still in need of donations as we replaced the roof on the 100-yard range and have some other projects in line that need to be funded before any work can be started. Any additional money you give will be greatly appreciated and will help expedite our projects!

All members of OVF&G must have a current membership with the National Rifle Association (NRA) in order to join and renew. If you need to renew your NRA membership, you can mail in the funds for that as well and we will send in the renewal paperwork to the NRA for you. Multiple year NRA memberships are available at a discounted rate just like the single year.

To save on paperwork and processing, you can now renew your NRA membership online.
(Our club will still get credit if you use the link above ^   ^   ^)

Renewal Form